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Air quality

Measuring NO2 in smokestack plumes
The camera’s ultimate goal is the monitoring of NO2 emissions produced by industrial sites, as well as ambient levels in the urban environment.
Harmonized ground-based data
In order to ensure that products delivered by air quality satellite sensors meet user requirements in terms of accuracy, precision, and fitness for purpose, it is essential to develop a robust validation strategy relying on well-established and traceable reference measurements.
Sentinel-5 Precursor TROPOMI first year of measurements of atmospheric constituents of formaldehyde (HCHO)
TROPOMI is able to measure atmospheric trace gases with a remarkable level of detail, on a daily basis and on a global scale.
Sentinel-5p launch ©Credit ESA
On October 13, 2017, ESA launched Sentinel-5 Precursor (S5P), the first mission dedicated to atmospheric composition in the series of Sentinel missions, as part of the European program for Earth Observation, Copernicus.
The air composition above Kinshasa
The atmosphere above Kinshasa is particularly interesting because emissions from the tropical forest mix with urban pollution. BIRA-IASB has initiated a collaboration with the University of Kinshasa.